I am a small Hobby/Show breeder, and I just simply love doing what I do....We live in Shell Knob, Missouri, right in the heart of the awesome Ozark Mountains, on Table Rock Lake.
We have always loved and owned Golden Retrievers -(for over 45 years) and raised Golden Retrievers for 27 years...but 10 years ago I discovered the English Golden Retriever type, and thus began this burning passion for the English Golden Retrievers was born...; (Those "gentle giants" with their stunning beauty, health and mellow dispositions)
"My husband Jim and I have been happily married for 52 years, retired, with not only 6 terrific children, 19 grandchildren, but also Great-Grandparents times 10".
We love the Ozarks and Table Rock Lake, where our family and Golden Retrievers love to spend all of our spare time!
Please don't hesitate to contact us, we are most interested in helping you find the most loving addition to your family.....
We have owned goldens for over 45 years, and I have raised them for over 26 years, and I LOVE what I do!!! When I first layed eyes on a British type of Golden,  I just knew I had to have them!!!!...AND the passion just continues to grow!!!!  Since then it has been quite the adventure,                Our first full  European female  addition to our family was,  "Juneau", http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=365029 , who was promptly swooped up by my daughter,  Amy, and became her first child... We then started looking to add to the remarkable goldens' nature with European females to produce that  beloved TYPE.. We were looking to produce healthier,  exceptionally stunning to look at puppies..to ADD to their sought after laid back/ placid nature. This combination was to make the BEST addition to YOUR family....THIS BECAME MY GOAL!!!!  We now have 4 imported female Goldens " living at our home"!!! they are: .."Charm",  http://k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=435972  ,....  "Hannah" , http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=557309:   Pearl ;  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=628583, "Dottie.   http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=633848    ..We then added an imported male,....... Hannah's brother "Rocky",..  http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=557310  and THEN "Sam", http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=557307  BUT.. our newest male is" Jack", http://www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=707996