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NEWS: New litter born to Hannah...December 17th, 2020 (a male and female still available)...4 males and 3 females...  https://wwwk9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=772793

Hannah above/Jack on the right

Ravishing Hannah of Sunflower Valley, delivered  4 males and 3 females on Dec 17th, 2020

           first 5 babies

        7 beautiful babies


            A BIG MALE


Pedigree: Jack/Hannah (k9data.com)

NEWS: NEW LITTER born, July 1st, 5 boys and 3 girls

Ch. Srb. La Vida Loca of Sunflower Valley, delivered puppies on July 1, 2020   puppies pedigree:;;;;;

LaVida had 5 boys and 3girls.contact me for more info...


We want YOU to have the puppy of your dreams...to share in all your joy, and be a comfort for you in your sad times. We are striving to produce healthy, well socialized, and extremely mellow English Golden Retriever puppies...we want these puppies to become a loving part of your family and to live a long and healthy life with YOU..YOUR satisfaction and OUR reputation is everything to us..So, for these reasons, we decided  to import Quality "English Golden Retrievers" ...Although there is lots of controversy , this type of Golden is also called a....."White Golden Retriever", "English Golden Retriever, "English  Cream Golden Retriever", "English Retriever", " White Retriever", and a "Cream Golden Retriever"....Do NOT be confused...they are all GOLDEN RETRIEVERS!!!  Included in my imported dog's European and English  pedigrees are these TOP kennels: Erinderry, Gomas, Mitcharron, Nunsbrook, Gunhills, BlueWaters, Nenuoramos, Jackralee, Marjamez, Lincheal, Ashbury,  Majik, Thornywait, Remington, Zampanzar, Dewmist, Swanalvy, Ritzilyn, Tekaro, Westley, Xanthos, Shardanell and Sunflower Valley... During my last visit in England, I was able to attend an English dog show, (Driffield) and  was excited to meet a lot of these Breeders)  I have now added the SHOW RING to my DREAMS!!"

NEWS:  MY NEW STUD English Golden Retriever CHAMPION::: "Apache" 

Our NEW  Champion: "Apache Tears of Sunflower Valley" 3x CAC, & BOS  17 mo old "Apache"winning his Serbian Championship!!

NEWS:   litter of English Golden Retriever puppies born: 12/27/2018 ....PARENTS are "Apache" and  Hannah"..Hannah delivered one special female, and 3 great males. Check these puppies out, THIS IS THE PUPPY'S FANTASTIC PEDIGREE:  

 "Hanna"Ravishing Hannah of Sunflower Val

"Apache" (Apache Tears)

My Visit to England:

 While visiting family in England this past summer I had the pleasure of going to an "English Dog Show", and the GREAT privilege of meeting some GREAT breeders from England.. breeders....some were: Gordon and Lynn Kipps of "Wheatcroft",  Jane Wild of "Blue Waters", Alison Harvey of "Shebelta",  Pat Parry of "Mitcharron", Bernard Catterall of "Golmas", Beryl Liggitts of "Nunsbrook", Paula Hill of "Sandaula", Christine Williams of "Cesarka" , Gail Brodie of "Chadzo", and Gillian Hill of "Bramhills", .......just to name a few!!!